RayScan 100




The first consistent implementation of a seamless interlocking of industrial robotics and high-resolution X-ray computed tomography

Depending on its application RoboTom is scalable in size and number, thus enabling a high level of flexibility and freely definable local 3D X-ray imaging.

RoboTom scans are:
• non-destructive
• contactless
• fully automatic
• fast
• repeatable

Possible fields of application include testing and analysis of connecting elements such as rivets, welded or glued joints, as well as the local non-destructive testing of large assemblies made of metal or fiber composite materials.

RoboTom represents a break-through in the automated, non-destructive monitoring
of production processes.

PDF-Ikon RoboTom

Technical Data
X-ray source160 kV
X-ray detector16 bit flat panel
Scanning area300 x 300
Detail recognition< 50 µm
Measurement time 1 - 10 min.
Modes of operationROI-CT, Radioscopy