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RayScan 130

3D Micro Computed Tomography (CT) system for various applications of non-destructive testing and dimensional measurement

Equipped with a flat panel detector, a micro focus X-ray source and compact mechanics RayScan 130 provides access to a comprehensive object analysis based on fast high-resolution 3D micro-CT.

The volume data of one single scan allow a variety of evaluations, e.g. non-destructive testing, assembly check, coordinate measurement and actual-nominal comparison. The generation of surface data enables also reverse engineering and 3D printing.

Operating the system is performed using RayWare® software package. All functions are easily accessible in a simple user interface.
Based on a slim design with a fully integrated shielding cabinet RayScan 130 can be placed in almost all kinds of rooms. Set-up and commissioning of RayScan 130 is easy and fast.

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Technical Data
X-ray source (optional)130 kV micro focus
Focal spot sizefrom 5 μm
Size of objectsø up to 400 mm / length up to 500 mm
Weight of objectsup to 5 kg
X-ray detectorFlat panel with 3 megapixel
MaterialsLight metals, Ceramics, Plastics, Composites
Scanning methods3D-CT, ROI-CT, Radioscopy
OptionalHelical-CT, Extension of scanning area
Voxel sizefrom 2.5 µm
Magnificationup to 50-fold
Scanning area (hor. / vert.160 mm / 175 mm
optional200 mm / 135 mm
X-ray cabinetcompact shielding according to DIN
Floor loadingmax. 500 kg/m²