Halle in Meersburg

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Industrial Computed Tomography Systems in Meersburg since 1999

Technical challenges are our day-to-day routine, either in the form of system specific innovations, or in the first-time accomplishment of completely new applications and in the evaluation of specifically designed systems and testing concepts.

RayScan Systems are particularly suitable for the development, optimisation and control of new materials and complex components with very high accuracy requirements as well as their manufacturing methods.

Typical fields of application, besides error detection, are dimensional measurement, comparison of CAD data and reverse engineering.

We particularly focus on intuitive operation, reliable technology and appealing design of our systems.

Among the customers of RayScan Technologies GmbH are leading companies in the fields of automotive and aerospace as well as renowned institutions of the service and science sectors.

Three principles define the success of our company
• Creative solutions
• Innovative technology
• Compelling implementation