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Computed Tomography for Non-Destructive Testing of Large Elongated Assemblies

RayScan BladeCheck is dedicated for visualization and analysis of large flat assemblies e.g. rotor blades, its structure, its components and its materials, e.g. quantitative defect detection in a defect range from below 50 µm, porosity analysis, fibre inspection or dimensional measurement. The system is made for non-destructive testing and evaluation of any penetrable material. The equipment meets the requirements of the international CT and the NDT standards.

The system is based on the non-destructive, contactless RoboTom technology and is designed for automated inspection of long objects.

Equipped with the software package RayWare it can be upgraded with correction tools and future developments of RayScan. All components are integrated into a complete system with intuitive user interface. The software modules operate under Windows.

Blade Check represents a break-through in the automated, non-destructive monitoring of production processes for helicopter blades or for other complex and elongated assemblies.

PDF-Ikon BladeCheck

Tecnical Data
X-Ray Source 180 kV
X-Ray Detector 16 bit Flat Panel Detector
Object Dimensions up to 12000 mm x 650 mm
Object Weightup to 400 kg
Scanning Area up to 500 mm x 500 mm
Detail Resolution < 50 µm
Scanning Time 20 sec. - 600 sec.
Scanning Methods ROI-CT, Radioscopy