RayScan Nano - specimen holder

RayScan Nano

Exploring the Nano World

The RayScan Nano is a powerful tool for fully 3D CT, non-destructive structural and chemical characterization with highest spatial resolution.

The system includes a novel X-ray tube which provides ultra-small focal spots of highest luminosity and performance (ø < 150 nm). Combined with a super-precise object manipulation system and a photon counting, energy-sensitive flat panel detector this system allows spatial sampling from below 60 nm up to 10 µm.

RayScan Nano is perfectly suitable for the development, characterization and analysis of new materials in nanometer scale – e.g. integrated circuits, chips and samples from bio-engineering.

But also for classical metallurgic characterizations and for the optimization of manufacturing processes this system provides significantly improved results compared to recently available CT products.

PDF-Ikon RayScan Nano

Technical Data
X-ray source (optional)Nanofocus 10 -80 kV
Focal spot0.15 μm - 1 μm
Size of objects (CT)< 0.1 mm - 100 mm
Field of view (horizontal)200 μm - 35 mm
Detector´s active area30 mm x 185 mm
Number of detector-pixels (optional)512 x 3072
DigitisingPhoton counting
Resolution of detail< 60 nm
Modes of operating3D-CT, ROI and Radioscopy