The Lion Man
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  The Lion Man

Reproduction of a Prehistoric Artwork
The "Lion Man", which is said to be the oldest representation of a man-animal creature was examined with RayScan. It was carved from a mammoth tusk more than 35,000 years ago. The carcing was found in the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave in the Lone Valley in 1939. When it was found it was broken into several hundred pieces. It was reconstructed meticulously and is now kept in the museum of Ulm (Germany). … … more


AUDI News (excerpt)
... A uniquely assembled computed tomography (CT) system at AUDI in Neckarsulm with an accuracy down to a micron (which is about one hundredth of a hair diameter), x-rays not only individual components, but even complete car bodies – and this is its special feature.
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  Digital Celts

PDF-Ikon Digital Celts - Voxel and STL-Data
in Service of Archaeology
Archaeologists are curious people and so it is no wonder that they often – in order to research antiquity – use the newest and most modern methods to trace the silent witnesses of the past.
Now an interdisciplinary project has turned this long held desire into reality. Object of the investigations were three oak wood Celtic cult figures, the cell structures and so also the annular tree-rings which for the first time were successfully and without contact three dimensionally imaged.

  Woodwind Instruments and others
PDF-Ikon Journey through the Windchannel
K. Martius und M. Raquet
Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg

3D Computertomography as an Aid in Making Decisions on the Playability of Woodwind Instruments 3D computertomography has shown to be a valuable tool in measuring historical woodwind instruments without physical contact with them. The method is useful to investigate hidden damage as well as their cause. Thus the user is enabled to develop objective criteria for the decision whether an instrument may be played or not. In the case of an 18th century recorder by Denner, a fracture in the wind channel invisible from the outside, precludes the musical use of that instrument.