2017 - RoboTom
Adhesive joint

Fly 2015 - RayScan Nano®
3D CT Image of a fly

RayScan 600 2013 - RayScan 600

RayScan Mobile Positionierung 2009 - RayScan Mobile Positioning

first 3D CT auf Granitbasis 2000 - RayScan 200 Granite

Gammascan at BAM 1992 - first 3D CT facility in Europe for BAM

nucl. Waterinspection 1990 - Testing nuclear waste drums

Dimensional Check 1989 - Testing of dimensions

Lokalisierung von Wasserführenden Schichten in Bäumen 1983 - Mobile CT facility at trees

Creative Solutions
Innovative Technology
Compelling Implementation

Since 1981
the Sauerwein company has systematically developed computed tomography (in short: CT) for technical industrial uses. Again and again, RayScan Technologies GmbH with its managing director Dr. Christoph Sauerwein has accepted technical challenges, partly in form of system specific innovations, partly in first-time tackling of a completely new application and the development of a customised concept for system and inspection.

Some examples:

The first consistent implementation of a seamless interlocking of industrial robotics and high-resolution X-ray computed tomography

RayScan Nano®
3D CT system for material inspections with details in 100 nm range

RayScan 600
System for 2D CT and 3D CT, optimised for 600 kV

Integration of Helix CT in RayScan systems

Mobile system for ROI CT and Transversal CT for analysis of the beam-shaping and beam-guiding elements of the storage ring of the LHC at CERN

Combined system for 3D CT, CT ROI and Transversal CT for high-resolution analysis of helicopter rotor blades (Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH)

“Digital mummy”: high-resolution visualisation of all parts of a 2500 year old mummy using RayScan 200 XE

“Digital Celts”: first-time non-destructive dendrochronological dating of 2000 year old wooden art works by analysis of tree-ring distances

Application of ROI CT for the investigation of riveting, welding and adhesive joints in automobile bodies using Micro-CT (Audi AG Neckarsulm)

Development of Region of Interest CT (ROI CT)


First high-resolution 3D CT system based on granite

First 3D CT system using Flat Panel Detectors

First CT system for the German automotive industry. Combined system for radioscopy and 2D CT with 225 kV / 450 kV (for Mercedes-Benz)

First 3D CT system in Europe for BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing)

Combined system for transmission and emission tomography on nuclear waste barrels to check the contents and to assess ultimate disposability

Dimensional measurement of the cooling ducts in turbine blades using CT

Mobile CT system for process monitoring in the chemical industry in order to avoid system downtime

1983 Mobile CT system for trees for localization and quantification of water-bearing layers for research of the forest dieback