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·Materials Characterization and testing

Inspection of Fibre Based Technical Composites by Radioscopy and Computed Tomography

C. Sauerwein, M. Simon
Hans Wälischmiller GmbH, Schießstattweg 16, D- 88677 Markdorf
J. T. Rheinländer
Risø National Laboratory, Materials Research Department, PO Box 49, DK-4000 Roskilde
Project No BE97-5129, funded by the European Community consortium




Radioscopic Inspection

Fig 1: Radioscopy of a glass fibre reinforcement. The unidirectional orientated fibre bundles are visible. Fig 2: Enlarged segment of the sample of figure1. Individual fibres of the fibre bundles are visible.

The FIBRINS inspection system



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